Local Chicago brands are the primary subjects of the weekly 5 Brands to Try feature from Naturally Chicago and SPINS. Last week’s article provided a long list of reasons to buy local.

Variety, though, is the spice of life. And we encourage you to look for healthy, sustainability-focused brands, wherever they are produced. So we’re giving over a mid-August week to five non-Chicago brands that just happen to be perfect for your summer socially distanced picnic.


🧺   Toby’s Family Foods: Organic, hand-crafted, small batch dressings and dips.

🧺   Miami Cocktail Co.: Organic cocktails in cans!

🧺   Forward Greens: Sustainable greens to go, beyond lettuce.

🧺   Better Bites Bakery: Vegan, allergen-free cake bites? Yes!

🧺   Patagonia Provisions: This visionary company is a leading advocate for regenerative agriculture.

Hungry? Well, Yogi, grab your pic-a-nic basket and fill it with these great brands… and some delicious Chicago-made treats, of course.