Diversity and food equity are lasting priorities for FamilyFarmed, Naturally Chicago’s parent organization. These values, summed up in our vision of “Good Food on Every Table,” are embedded in our programs: Naturally Chicago, Good Food Accelerator, Market Development and Good Food Is Good Medicine.

With the critical need to address chronic inequalities across our society, including in our food system, at a new peak, and with the Juneteenth commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States just past on Friday, we dedicate our weekly Five Local Chicago Brands To Try This Week feature — a Naturally Chicago partnership with SPINS — to social mission-driven black-owned businesses that share our Good Food commitments.

Two of these brands — Justice of the Pies and TeaSquares — are graduates of the Good Food Accelerator. We are also happy to highlight Iya Foods, Chicago French Press, and Love Cork Screw