People don’t live by main dishes alone. The Five Local Brands To Put In Your Basket This Week — brought to you by Naturally Chicago and SPINS — gives compliments to these condiments:

🍴 La Preferida has been bringing the flavors of Mexico to Chicago tables for more than 70 years. Try their salsas and seasonings, as well as beans, rice and other dry goods.

🍴 Urban Accents‘ spice blends and sauces help you savor the flavor in your food.

🍴 Wild Garden takes you on a culinary tour of the Mediterranean with its sauces and dressings, marinades and more.

🍴 Whole Earth Sweeteners uses stevia leaf and monk fruit for a no-sugar, zero calorie sweet deal.

And of course, you need something to splash those La Preferida, Urban Accents and Wild Garden products on, so…

🍴 Lightlife‘s plant-based burgers, hot dogs, sausage and much more await your creative toppings!

Have a great week, stay safe… and buy local!