Getting ready for those Independence Day weekend cookouts? Here are five local Chicago brands that would tastefully add to the festivities, presented by Naturally Chicago and SPINS.

Meet Lillie’s Q and its lineup of delicious, zesty barbecue sauces… chicken sausages, burgers and meatballs from Amylu (established in 1924, so they were good food long before there was Good Food)… Dandies plant-based marshmallows, which will leave you wanting S’More… Limitless and its refreshingly flavored, lightly caffeinated sparkling waters… and Enjoy Life Foods, a pioneer in allergy-friendly products, whose packaging is — wait for it — red, white and blue.

Get you some of these delicious products for next weekend, and you’ll love them so much they’ll make you see stars — and stripes!

Celebrate freedom, safely. And buy local!