One of the coolest things about being a Good Food advocate is that when you go to a store, or shop online, you’ll see great products and say, “Hey, I know those guys!” And one of the cool things about being a Good Food blogger is that you get to write about those awesome brands.

“Five Local Chicago Brands To Try This Week” is a feature jointly produced by Naturally Chicago and SPINS (a Naturally Chicago co-founder) that we launched last month. And as usual, the chosen brands are a mix of folks we already consider part of the family and others we’re getting to know better.

There’s Prevail Jerky, a member of the current Good Food Accelerator cohort, whose flavorful, clean label jerky treats made with pasture-raised beef evolved from the founding family’s efforts to deal with their own dietary issues. We’ve had the pleasure of publishing two articles written by co-founder Ashley Kohn, which you can read by clicking here and here.

Emily’s Foods — whose signature product is clean label, snackable Paradise Icing, made with pea protein — recently won $5,000 for taking 2nd place in a product Pitch Slam. Just last week, we published an article submitted by Emily, who credited her 2019 participation in a Good Food Accelerator pilot program aimed at helping minority entrepreneurs for boosting her business skills and confidence.

Blake’s Seed Based, maker of seed-and-fruit snack bars, participated in the Naturally Chicago Pitch Slam at the 2019 Good Food Financing & Innovation Conference.

We also welcome these local brands: Lekkco, whose Belgian dark chocolate spreads are dang irresistible, and Peer Foods Group, maker of ham, bacon and other prepared meats, whose Chicago heritage dates back before the Great Fire of 1871.

We hope you’ll try these brands this week, and please, always support your local food producers!