Entrepreneurs need somebody to lean on — and need hope for a brighter future post-COVID — as this unprecedented health crisis continues into its third month. And this video of Naturally Chicago’s May 14 Navigating the New Normal webinar provides both.

Titled “Support Systems for Emerging Brands,” the webinar provides wise counsel and encouragement for early-stage businesses from these national Good Food leaders: Pete Speranza of General Mills’ 301 Inc; Matt Matros of Limitless; Tracy Miedema of Presence Marketing; Ricardo Alvar of ForceBrands; Shelby Parchman of Chicago’s Good Food Accelerator; and Debarshi Sengupta of Soup Explorers; with Jim Slama, Naturally Chicago Co-Founder and FamilyFarmed CEO, moderating.

While there was much attention early in the COVID crisis to shut-ins binging on comfort foods and sweets, there is increasing evidence that more and more people are becoming focused on wellness and getting real about the impact of food on health. Is this an inflection point for the Good Food movement and the businesses that drive it? Watch the video, listen to what these experts say, and check out the takeaways below.



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