Naturally Chicago

Where the natural products community gathers at lively events to exchange ideas, share resources and learn what innovation is all about


Chicago has been dubbed “Nature’s Metropolis.” Naturally Chicago is out to make it a world center for Good Food and Other Natural Products.

Join Us to Build a Better-For-You, Better-For-The Planet Economy!

Why Chicago?

Production of food and other consumer products has been in Chicago’s DNA since its earliest days. In the 19th and 20th century, the city played a major role in the industrialization of U.S. food and consumer products. In our current era, Chicago has become a magnet for people pushing for a more decentralized system, based on food and other natural products produced as locally as possible, using regenerative, humane and fair practices that are better for people, better for the environment and better for animals.


We connect businesses and individuals and provide a platform for education, dialogue and generous knowledge sharing to help the region’s natural products community grow with integrity, higher purpose and foster a community of shared values

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Naturally Chicago wouldn’t exist without these folks.
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